A possible answer to why you love to travel so much


I tried to find the answer in research and I failed so far. I keep searching though. There is not much information out there, besides that travelers might prefer unknown routes to follow, so as they learn more1, or that people who travel often tend to have higher life-satisfaction2. For this reason, I would like to introduce my personal interpretation and understanding of this situation.

Traveling puts you in situations you have never experienced before. Every day is a new adventure and you have to deal with each moment. This brings some stress on one hand, but it also keeps your mind working and brings personal satisfaction. A certain personality trait, namely openness to experience can explain this need for constant stimulation. People open to experience appreciate art more, might often spend time in nature, are investigative and creative, tend to have jobs that demand various skills, instead of routine jobs, and will usually lead more unconventional lifestyles. Most of highly open people will get bored in a daily routine. Traveling is a complex activity, exciting, demanding and even, why not, creative enough, to offer what people who are open to experience need. Is this maybe the case for you?

A final word of advice here, please, don’t fall into the trap to believe that every traveler is highly open to new experiences. Not all travelers will be open to experience, and not all people who are open to experience will wish to travel. There are many other reasons why someone would adopt this lifestyle. If you wish to add some of your ideas feel free to add at the comments below.

Openness to Experience is one of what we call the Big-Five personality traits. If you wish to scientifically measure your personality characteristics, you can do so on this page:


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