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Around the world, people experience lock-down, or quarantine, or isolation. Even in some countries where lock-down is not forced, people choose to stay in. It is an unusual time for our period! The majority of us haven’t had experience of it before, neither in personal, nor on a collective level. It’s very new.

It’s not new for everyone though. People, like my parents and grandparents, had experienced curfew during colonization and during war. People, like my clients, had to be restricted in psychiatric units, or nursing homes; others in prisons. People, who live in countries or areas, where peace and freedom of movement is not the norm (e.g. countries under dictatorship, refugees in Palestine) also have such restrictions.

I am wondering how do people experience what is happening during this epidemic as well as people’s thoughts about what will happen after.

For this reason, I have started a project to collect people’s testimonies on their particular experience during this pandemic.

I would like to hear from you. What is your situation? What are your thoughts during these times? What are your feelings during this time period since the beginning and till now? Do you have any particular body sensations? Please, share in the comments.

By sharing you consent your comments to become publicly available for people, who wish to read. If you prefer to share in private, please, send me a private message, or call me to arrange a call. The stories collected will be taken anonymously and following the confidentiality rules of therapy.

Sharing is a powerful tool to coping with difficult situations and I would like to offer this opportunity to people.

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