Nomad Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a powerful process of personal liberation. You get the space to tell your stories, make a meaning out of each one, and get empowered to write the following ones, as you like them to be, with you as the powerful protagonist. Psychotherapy can help you free yourself from past vices and move forward to a bright future.
Successful psychotherapy, being a process, requires time and devotion. Travelling the world prevents you from being in a certain place for as long as therapy takes. It should not, however, prevent you from receiving the psychological care you have a right to. For this reason, Nomad Psychotherapy is created to help digital nomads have access to therapy online, a terrain, digital nomads know the best. Nomad Psychotherapy is tailored to digital nomads, and can address the specific difficulties full-time travelers face, difficulties that sometimes are shared with non-nomads, but most of the time are unique to this specific lifestyle.

Why Nomad Psychotherapy

Traveling the world is a fascinating and educational experience. It is also a thrilling lifestyle for those who do it long-term. This lifestyle can offer new excitements every day. It can teach you about the world cultures, nature, and people. It can help you understand how efficient you are in adjusting to an ever changing environment.
It does not come free of challenges or stresses though. You will eventually miss family and friends who stayed back home. You might have a hard time adjusting to new job conditions and demands. You might possibly have a hard time forming meaningful friendships, over a three months period that your visa lasts. Or you might come to struggle with depression and anxiety, just like non nomads do.
Nomad psychotherapy is founded to help at these times. If you move every few months, it will not be feasible to commit to location-specific psychotherapy and people who don’t know about the culture of a nomad might have some hard time understandin specific practical and psychical needs of nomads. In this platform, you will psychological services by a licensed clinical psychologist, who can understand the challenges and rewards of travelling.